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-====== DMRG-1D-Applet ====== +====== DMRG-single-particle-Applet ====== 
-<​html>​ + 
-<applet ​archive="​previsu.jar" codebase="​."​ style="​width:100%; height:​700px"​ code="​dmrgvisu.DMRGshow.class">​ +Since Java applets are not supported anymore by basically all important webbrowsers,​ we choose to provide a Java Webstart file instead. It is not signed with a valid certificate,​ sorry! 
-</applet>​ + 
-</​html>​+Furthermore,​ something like icedtea or Java Webstart is necessary to start the applet. 
 +[[|Java Webstart file]]
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